Personal ID verification

Request for Identity Verification

We may need to confirm your identity in order to carry out your request or business, or in compliance with  laws such as the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds.

The flow is as described below. We would appreciate your cooperation.

  1. Take photos of your id cards etc. on the id verification system below
  2. Send your contact information from the form
  3. Please wait for our feedback

ID Verification System

Form for Contact Information

When you have finished taking your photos using the above ID verification system, please fill out your contact information on this form and send it to us. We may contact you if there are any defects.

    The ID verification system does not work if you use laptop or Windows devices. Please visit this page with your mobile phone or  tablet device.

    The QR code below is the link to visit this page.

    The system may not work from overseas either.

    Contact information


    +81-6264-8446 (from overseas)